Pillows: Washable & Hypoallergenic; all sizes

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Our All Finer Things  Pillows

We HAND MAKE all our own products

Washable: wash the whole pillow in your own washing machine. (see below)

Hypoallergenic: known to be very good for people with allergies since 2007

Adjustable: to change the density of your pillow, simply by removing/inserting some of All Finer Things' filler from your Pillow.

Choose the size of pillow from the drop-down list to see price: Pillow Sizes:-

  • Mini/Travel Pillow - 35 x 45 cm
  • Standard Size - 45 x 70 cm
  • Queen Size - 50 x 80 cm
  • King Size - 50 x 90 cm
  • Euro-Continental - 63 x 63 cm
  • Body Pillow; Queen Size - 50 x 150 cm
  • Body Pillow; King Size - 50 x 170 cm
  • (we make pillows to any size)

Washing your pillow...

We find that most people forget that you can wash our pillow and around about when the pillow is 3 years old, they come and ask for extra filler. Here we see that most people follow our washing instructions and have success - it puffs right back up again. Some prefer just to add additional filler. (you can contact us via email for extra filler - allfinerthings@icloud.com)

Washing instructions.

Type of washing machine

For a top loader: please add a baby safety pin and secure the zip slider closed (because it catches at the Botton of the washing machine and opens the pillow. Then you have to put the filler back in the pillow.

(follow instructions below...)

For a front loader:

Never use a bleach or softener.

Simply insert the pillow in the washing machine and wash in a cold wash with normal detergent on the (duvet) setting. Make sure to set a full spin cycle as the pillow retains a lot of water if you don't thoroughly spin it.

Hang up to dry (horizontally gets the best results) but never put it on a table to dry.

You may tumble dry on the lowest temperature settings.

of course there are many who feel that 3 years is enough and want a fresh new pillow - thank you we are pleased to help you once again.