Caring for your All Finer Things Egyptian Cotton

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Caring for your Egyptian Cotton

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Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen is more likely to crease, until your bedlinen has been washed a few times. This natural fibre product becomes softer and more luxurious with washing. Our linens are designed to give you many years of stunning good looks - So use every day and enjoy.

Tips before you begin

We would recommend that you wash all bedlinen before use and always avoid washing with Polyester fabrics!!! This is because Polyester is prone to pilling (forms small balls of fluff), and these pills can stick to the natural fibres and reduce the lustre and sheen of your linen.


Shrinkage will occur with all bedlinen made of natural fibres (unless pre-shrunk). All Finer Things allows for full shrinkage of all our bedlinen. Washing linens in very high temperatures should be avoided, as this can cause excessive shrinkage and creasing. Cold wash is preferred. Occasional washing at 40°C is acceptable.

Washing your bed linens

Bedlinen should be washed in cold water (and definitely no higher than 40°C), and use a gentle detergent followed by a cold rinse. To achieve very long life and yet very clean bedlinen, you don't need use excessive amounts of washing detergent, in fact less is better, as this can clog the fibres. Your bedlinen will honestly be just as clean with a smaller amount of detergent and last longer too. Remove from the washing machine as soon as it signals it is done, this will avoid your cotton from wrinkling.

Cotton will benefit from line-drying (out of direct sunlight), leaving them almost crease free and smelling fresh. You may also tumble dry on a low heat. Use the cool down cycle at the end to reduce creases. Shaking your bedlinen before putting it into the tumble dryer will also help reduce creasing. Remove from the tumble dryer promptly after the cycle has finished, and fold or put on your bed.

Washing summary:

  • Machine washable: cold wash (max 40 °C)
  • Do not Bleach
  • Do not use a Softener
  • May use white vinegar as a rinse agent
  • May iron on a low heat
  • May hang out to dry (shaded area)
  • May tumble dry on a low setting/heat

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