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Did you buy the right duvet for you?


We have two customers that say that they bought our Devine Duvets but they are getting cold...

We believe where there are 2 there are more...

The one lovely lady suggested that we sell two duvets - one that clips on the other - so to say. 

We have been testing and testing...

When you buy your duvet, remember to first consider your own "body temperature", and your partner's "body temperature" and then add to that if you live in a cold environment, cold house and so on...

We have seen that everyone's body temperature basically stays the same (except of course, if it is that time of life (our sympathies)) - so get the "season" that matches your body temperature. We do a "His & Hers" too...

Our tests are showing us that if you do put a Duvet on top of another, then you get the same affect as our "Winter-winter" [13 TOG] version.

But if you already bought a "Summer" version and you are getting cold then; great news for you because we have a few solutions: (at a much reduced price*)

  1. Buy an additional duvet just to either put in your Duvet Cover or just to lie on top (remember - they are all machine washable) - If you send us an email ( we will give you a very special price.
  2. Buy a Winter, Winter-winter or one of our blankets to suite.
  3. Buy a "half Duvet" just for your side. This seems to work the very best in all our trials and simply place it on the top of your side. (You can also just put it in the Duvet cover on your side) so far, all the test show that it does not slide off. Whats also nice about the "on top" idea is that if you get a bit hot, you can simply move it slightly off, until you need it again. It seems to work better than the blanket for some.
  4. The same applies if your partner gets way to hot, simply remove his half of the duvet from the Duvet Cover, then they will only have the Duvet Cover over their side while you have your half of the Duvet inside the Duvet Cover on your side. 
  5. Talk to us and we can share our experiences with you to help you make the right choice or addition.

*The "much reduced price" is for existing customers only

Thanking you for your feedback - we listen.


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