What is Egyptian Cotton and Why is it so expensive?

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Advantages of Egyptian Cotton fabric


  • It is porous fabric and so breathable.
  • Does not swell with moisture so remains breathable.
  • It is stain resilient.
  • It lasts longer because it is stronger than normal cotton.
  • It is finer, stronger, and smoother than normal cotton.
  • It has a more luxurious finish (known as a hand) because of these longest Fibre Staples.
  • It is not prone to pilling.

All these advantages make Egyptian Cotton unique and something that the body quickly gets spoilt with, because your body breathes when you sleep. And nothing is as breathable (even if you perspire), as Egyptian Cotton and that is the key reason you will always want to sleep on Egyptian Cotton after only a few nights of enjoying its unique qualities.

Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets Better Than Other Cotton Sheets? ...

Egyptian cotton Fibre Staples are considered by many to be the best because of their length, strength, and softness. The longer and much thinner Fibre Staple of the unique Egyptian Cotton staple and the ability to create a high thread count and yet light-weight fabric make it a favoured linen.


Genuine Egyptian cotton is a unique type of cotton and it is only grown in the Nile Delta in Egypt because only that moderate climate and the fertile soil (because only it has billions of years of sedimentation from both the White and Blue Nile in the delta and is known as Giza Cotton) which gives Egypt’s Nile delta the distinct advantage over every other place in the world.

**Natural cotton is also grown in Egypt along the banks of the Nile and water from the nile is used to irrigate this natural cotton fibre (not to be confused with Giza cotton - known as Egyptian Cotton.

Its scientific name is gossypium barbadense, and is also known as extra-long Staple cotton.

Growing conditions in the Nile Delta are so perfect that the cotton has evolved to a longer, much stronger, and finer Fibre Staple, this great asset makes the Fibre Staple thinner than other kinds of cotton, in turn results in a more sumptuous, and higher thread count cotton products. Egyptian cotton bolls are still delicately handpicked to this day so that they retain their soft quality.

Egyptian cotton products might cost more than, say, your standard cotton duvet cover, but the quality you’ll receive in return is fantastic.

As well as being incredibly durable and gloriously soft, Egyptian cotton bed linen is less likely to produce lint or pilling, it becomes softer with age and washing and is much, much lighter than short Fibre Staple cottons. This means it’s refreshingly breathable during hot summer months and – with thread counts coming in above the 300-thread count it is so cozy for you during the winter too.

Egyptian cotton bedlinen benefits homeowners too. Added advantages include but not limited to easy cleaning, coloured sheets made from Egyptian cotton will maintain their vibrancy when cleaned and not leave your Bedlinen looking washed out.

Most luxury Boutique Hotels, Guest Lodges, Hotels, Game Lodges, B&Bs and even Air BnBs are choosing Egyptian Cotton for all their Bedlinen, Towels, and clothes as there is a distinct difference that is easily felt after just a few nights of sleeping in these places. It makes it easier to choose Egyptian Cotton again and again because you will feel that you are Sleeping Beautifully.

So why not have this 7-star quality in your very own home. Therefore, All Finer Things’ motto is Sleep Beautifully.

At All Finer Things we get the rolls of Egyptian Cotton and make each product with unique features only found with us.


Some manufacturers who want to make a quick profit often label lower quality sheets as Egyptian cotton products, purely because the cotton was produced or sold somewhere in Egypt.

If a product states:

  • A ‘100% Egyptian cotton’ anything else is a blend and are of a much lower quality, no matter how much the percentage of Egyptian, or other long Fibre Staple cotton may have.
  • Bedlinen must also have a thread count of 300 or above to ensure a comfortable, luxurious feeling. (High Fabric Hand)
  • A higher price is a good indication, rather than a bargain, or cheap product, that it is likely to be genuine.
  • A Really soft and strong fabric to the touch can add to the correct choice being made.
  • It should NOT say "natural cotton fibre Egyptian" as this eludes to the normally grown cotton in Egypt... and NOT Giza cotton.

All cotton is lovely but then it is not Egyptian Cotton.

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